Marrying A Russian Bride – Are You Getting A Bride Or A Family?

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Marrying A Russian Bride – Are You Getting A Bride Or A Family?

Russian brides are not only adoring and dedicated to you, but they are also extremely devoted to her family back in Russia. Before you ask your sweetheart to marry you, it is a good idea to get to know her family as well.

Russians depend on each other because of the fact that they have passed through some serious troubles during recent years. Their lives have never been easy due to many economic problems and bad political and social practices. Russia was almost destroyed between 1990 and today, and although some things are starting to get better, the unemployment that still exists in many regions today are forcing people who live there to literally share their bread with other members of the community.

Russian women believe strongly in their traditions. They come from a society where uncertainty is not well accepted and they feel insecure when they do not have strong men around. They not only respect their parents, but they ask advice from their aunts and when they were younger they listened very carefully to their grandmothers. They know that their family will need them when they get old and retire.

Marrying A Russian Bride - Are You Getting A Bride Or A Family?

Unfortunately, because of the economic problems in Russia, the wages are very low and people rarely manage to pay for even the smallest of utility bills like water and heat. Brides always keep this in the back of their mind when they start a relationship with a foreigner. If your future bride is not discussing her family problems, it is best to bring them up by asking a few delicate questions.

Knowing about the life of your mother and father in-law is a good idea and may save you many problems in the future.

You are better off knowing know how their life is going, rather than waking up one morning to hear your bride say that she is leaving you because her mother is ill and needs to spend time with her.

Marrying A Russian Bride - Are You Getting A Bride Or A Family?

You may hear or read that all Russian marriages are a result of manipulation on the woman’s part to become financially stable, but this is simply a myth. Indeed, many ladies say that they are very happy with their foreign husbands because their lives have improved dramatically but that is only one side of the story. The other is that these women really are looking for their one true love, and they know it exists somewhere, and not only within the country that they live in.

However, Russian brides still hold true to their old traditions of supporting their family and respecting their husbands at the same time. Finances are usually shared and the savings are considered to be both of their money. In Russian tradition it is typical for the wives to work but there is still a sexism that will never allow a woman to make as much of a salary as a man does. So, you should know that some of your money will be shared and sent to your Russian bride‘s family back in Russia.


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